Version originale : 1981 (New Order)
Reprise de Radiohead : 9 novembre 2007


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Après le suicide de Ian Curtis, les trois membres restants de Joy Division reforment un nouveau groupe, New Order et ils sortent Ceremony, la dernière chanson écrite par Curtis, comme leur premier single.

Deux enregistrements live de Joy Division ont été édités sur les compilations Still et Heart and Soul. New Order a édité la chanson comme single deux fois, d’abord en mars 1981 et puis dans un autre enregistrement avec le nouveau membre guitariste Gillian Gilbert en septembre 1981.

C’est Bernard Sumner qui interprète la chanson en l’absence de Ian Curtis.


[button icon=’iconic-cd’ fullwidth=’true’] le vendredi 9 novembre 2007 [/button]
Radiohead  joue en webcast une reprise de « ceremony » :


Ed a adoré reprendre une chanson de ses idoles des années 80 :


[quote cite=”Ed O’Brien / FM 94/9, 11 janvier 2008″]Ed: “…and it would be great to throw in. Yeah it would be great to throw in — we did New Order – ‘Ceremony’ and we did the Smiths – ‘Headmaster Ritual,’ and we’ve kind of been rehearsing Happy House – Siouxsie & the banshees.

Tommy: “Cool.

Ed: “And it’s funny, because we’ve been doing all this 80s stuff, which is kind of like — which is our youth, really. You know, when we were teenagers. They were very formative years, and those bands. And Jonny, who’s about four years younger than the rest of us, he said, ‘I’m getting fed up with this 80s shit that you guys are doing. Why can’t we do something about the same era when I am?’ And we’re like, ‘and what, sort of MC Hammer and Ice Ice Baby and all that stuff? That was more your era.’ (laughing)

Tommy: “Radiohead doing Ice Ice Baby! That’s… it’s… I…

Ed: “Yeah, that’s more Jonny’s era. So we kind of nipped that one in the bud, really. But no, it would be nice to. When you don’t want to play your own stuff and the pressure’s off, just to play other people’s songs is such a great thing to do. And you play songs that you adore and you’ve had some kind of connection with. It’s great.[/quote]

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