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Carol Baxter

Carol Baxter, qui travailla pour EMI, était chargée de faire la promotion à l’étranger des bons groupes anglais que la maison de disque signait. Elle est désormais en freelance.

Les inrocks résumé bien son rôle :

Carol Baxter, qui supervise au sein de Parlophone ­ la maison de disques anglaise de Radiohead ­ les filiales du monde entier, est considérée comme l’un des personnages clés de ce succès.
— Computer World, 25/02/1998


Elle est apparue dans l’univers du groupe dès les 1993, et a vu tout de suite le potentiel des 5 Oxoniens, ce qui n’était pas vraiment le cas chez EMI…

I was getting ready to quit EMI when these lads appeared, » Carol Baxter, Radiohead’s international record-company representative, recalled. « Bunch of disturbed consumptives, I thought. But they were ambitious and smart. At first, I had to hide my Radiohead paperwork behind the Tina Turner and Queensrÿche files, because my boss thought I was wasting my time. Then the call came in, from Israel, actually, saying that the band had a hit.
— 20 août 2001


Il faut dire que la première rencontre entre Carol Baxter et les membres de Radiohead n’est pas fameuse… Elle a l’impression d’être face à des junkies :

Cue Carol Baxter, of EMI’s international office, the department responsible for ensuring that EMI’s overseas branches release and promote British signings. « I know nothing about instruments or drum riffs, or what have you, but this funny little band came on and they obviously had something. This was a hideous record company do but Thom gave it everything ». Baxter, tired of the ‘priority acts’ of the ’80s had been considering leaving the job. « I sat there thinking, I’m not going to leave: I want Radiohead on my roster! I bumped into Colin and Thom in the corridor after their performance and I thought they were junkies. Bloody druggies sitting there in the corridor looking so pale. I asked Thom if he was all right. He said he was. So I asked if they wanted a drink and all they wanted was a glass of Coca-Cola. I bought that for them and we got talking, and I found out they were from Abingdon which is where I’m from ». Baxter began introducing the world to the charms of Radiohead.
— septembre 2007



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