Version originale : 1974 (Country Life, Roxy Music)
Reprise : 1998 (The Venus in Furs)


En 1974, sort Country Life, le 4ème album du groupe Roxy Music, avec bittersweet :


mai 1997

En mai 1997, Thom et Jonny ont participé à cette reprise de Roxy Music, pour la BO du film VELVET GOLDMINE, en rejoignant Bernard Butler, Clune, Paul Kimble, et Andy Mckay( un ancien de Roxy Music) pour former une sorte de groupe appelé The Venus in Furs.

Thom Yorke est crédité sur la partie « vocals » de la chanson, il chante en Allemand (langue qu’il ne parle pas…) !

En juin, le film est encore en tournage :

Person 3: “can you talk about the track you did with Brain Eno for Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack?

Thom: “umm we didn’t do it with Brain Eno I mean it was a cover of an old Roxy song when Brain used to be in the band!

Person 3: “oh…ok!

Thom: “it was three…it was Two HB and Bittersweet and one other…Ladytron! and we did it like with Bernard Butler and this guy called Kloon (i dunno how to spell the name) who’s in this band called David Grape! and we did it in two days! and it was great…anyways it’s on the album…i have to sing in German…and I don’t know any German!

Person 3: “when do you expect that out?

Thom: “i dunno…still shooting at the moment…so I don’t know.

— 2 juin 1997

Thom s’est plus amusé qu’autre chose, il ne se souvient même pas ce qu’il a enregistré, il faut dire que la session n’a pas duré longtemps, et que le groupe était encore en train de finir de masteriser OK Computer, alors du coup… Il a surtout voulu faire plaisir à son ami Mickael Stipe, producteur du film.

DJ: “Let’s talk about happier things: the music Thom and Jonny Greenwood wrote for the Velvet Goldmine for instance, the movie made by REM singer Michael Stipe

Thom: “Yeah, that was cool! That was cover of errrmm me and Jonny and Bernard Butler and this brilliant drummer called Cloon (?!), we were doing ermmmm em Roxy Music covers of 2hb and Bittersweet and erm can’t even remember the other one, um and it was great erm we did it like two days after we had mastered the record you know I went in and did an impression of Brian Ferry and then met him two days later as well, that was wild. And Brian Eno, and it was all sort of orchestrated by um well put together by Michael Stipe ’cause he is executive producer of the film so it was a chance to see him again, which was really good.”

— 13 juin 1997

Et puis c’était l’occasion de rencontrer d’autres gens !

“We did three Roxy Music songs,” Jonny continued, “‘ZHB’, ‘Ladytron’ and Bittersweet’. The last bit of ‘Bittersweet’ has this German rant in the middle of it, with Thom going, ‘Das Iiebe auf, mein freund.’ It’s hilarious, all highly camp.”
Butler, Tindersticks’ Stuart Staples, Roxy Music’s Andy Mackay and former Grant Lee Buffalo bassist Paul Kimble also played on the session.
“It was weird being in a room with Bernard Butler,” Greenwood said. “I’d never met him. He was saying, ‘Oh, I’ve never played with another guitarist before.’ It was like, ‘You play the lead. No I don’t wanna do it,’ – all being furiously English.
“Bernard is just obviously talented, something natural going on. He’s not flash. He’s just doing stuff that’s quite simple, but so effective.”
— 21 novembre 1997

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