Automne et mélancolie sur le DAS

as i sweep up the last of the leaves

and the autumn sun is out

(ça ferait de belles paroles de chanson, ce que c'est peut-être d'ailleurs, va savoir….Enfin, il a eu les super albums de Warp20 pour son anniversaire?)

1. Intro + Gold Love Riddim by Tapes from Hissing Theatricals
2. Herzog by Clark from Warp20: Chosen
3. Square Footage by Luke Vibert from We Hear You
4. Take A Ride Version by Dub Specialist from Studio One Dub
5. Incredible by M Beat General Levy from Rumble in the Jungle
6. Quiet Dog by Mos Def from The Ecstatic
7. Dinamo by Nathan Fake from Dinamo
8. Drane by Autechre from Warp20:Chosen
9. Nordic House by Ceephax from Exidy Tours



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