And the World laughs with you…

Que serions-nous sans BBC1? Mary Anne Hobbs, papesse de la musique électronique, a fait entendre pour la première fois le titre de Cosmogramma où Thom Yorke collabore avec Flying Lotus. Et c'est…whaoua!

Voilà ce qu'elle dit pour présenter le titre (à la 50ème minute):

"as far as Im concerned the album speaks in a completely new sonic language and I really do think it's gonna change the face of electronic music for all time. there are some absolutely incredible collaborations on the album… … and there's also this fabulous collaboration with the mercurial Thom Yorke. the track is absolutely incredible. I love the way that Thom Yorke deploys his voice like another instrument. it seems twisted so deep into the very DNA of the tune. And here is tonight.. the world exclusive preview. The track is titled "And The World Laughs With You" Flying Lotus in collaboration with Thom Yorke."



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