Amnesiac (album)

Quelques précisions sur la sortie :
le 27 mai 2001 au Japon
le 4 juin 2001 en Europe
le 5 juin 2001 au USA et au Canada
durée: 43 minutes 35
produit par : Nigel Godrich
formats: CD, vinyle, K7

Thom : “The track listing is always the hardest part for me. It is so difficult and almost painful. I can only use the old metaphor about songs being like children. My songs are my kids and some of them stay with me. Some others I have to send out, out to the war. It might sound stupid and it might even sound naive, but that’s just the way it is. I talked to Bjork about it and she agrees. She says she feels exactly the same way about her songs. ”

Commentaires : Après son absence de trois ans depuis la sortie de Ok Computer, radiohead nous est revenu en Octobre 2000 avec un nouvel album, KID A, mais pendant la séance d’enregistrement de ce dernier, ce sont 26 chansons qui étaient sorties. Le groupe avait alors décidé de les sortir en deux opus, et c’est ainsi que l’on retrouva en juin 2001 les autres chansons sur Amnesiac. Cet album, qui sonne comme un compromis entre du rock plus traditionnel et de l’électronique, a su accorder les fans déçus par le bond en avant pris avec KID A et ceux qui avait adoré ce changement.

Le titre de l’album avait été révélé dans la nuit du 11 au 12 décembre 2000 sur la BBC1.

Interview de Ed sur Triple J FM (radio australienne), le 20 décembre 2000 : “Amnesiac is slated for June release, and will most likely have some singles/videos. Pyramid Song is on the album. Ed said the name of the first track, but just like a classic Thom, he mumbled it. But it starts with a P and apparently has quite a pop element to it, in a radiohead way. Ed likened Amnesiac to The Bends, saying The mood is not constant like OK Computer or Kid A. He is really excited about the album and thinks that it will most definately be a surprise to people. It is described as being a collection of songs rather than a cohesive album. […] Ed said that it does contain songs recorded in the Kid A sessions, but they don’t like to express it that way. They prefer the notion that they are new songs, because people start to think of them as ‘out takes’, which they’re not.” (CUTW)

quelques informations supplémentaires :
on peut facilement trouver l’édition dite ‘limitée’ de l’album, qui se présente sous la forme d’un livre.

ce que le groupe en a dit :
Thom: It goes off in two ways. One is like very broken machinery. The other is really fat and dark. I played one of the songs to Björk, and she said it sounded like IÍd just seen something really frightening, then gone and written about it. ItÍs sort of bearing witness to things. WeÍve all listened to these other songs, getting an idea of what we have. It could be an EPs thing; maybe it will be a better record than the one weÍve just made. ItÍs impossible for us to judge. In the same way, I canÍt judge what Kid A is like. I canÍt listen to it – I donÍt want to listen to it. When youÍre in the mastering suite and you hear it for the final time, with all the gaps between the songs, thatÍs it. After that, I went home with the CD and showed it to Rachel, and said: “This is Kid A, and I donÍt want to hear it anymore.” I want to do the same thing with the next one. ItÍs fantastic when you finish something thatÍs hanging around your neck.

Jonny : We’ve got about 13 or 14 songs which we need to edit a little bit, maybe take a couple out, maybe remix one or two, put them in the right order, and then it is done.

Colin (à propos de Kid A) : I’m not sure they are two records. We had that group of songs to make one record, and the other ones are left over. It’s that we had, say, 23 songs and we wanted to have around 47 minutes of music, so we chose the best combination out of that number, and the rest are waiting on the bench, waiting to be picked for the next team line-up.

We’ve done lots more recordings and we’re trying to find the right way to release more of the songs… We want to find a way of releasing the other songs we’ve recorded, not just on EPs, and put it together as another piece of work… We’ve got lots of other songs that we want to release sooner rather than later.

Colin (à propos d’Amnesiac) :
We haven’t decided what it is going to be like. It is a combination of like, more conventional, perhaps, but also more dissonant stuff. But it continues on from Kid A. It was all done in the same recording period. It is all a whole

We’ve got to sort it out! But we’re very happy about it, really excited. [It’ll be out in] March/April time maybe. We don’t know yet but we want it to come out then. We’ve got enough music.

Ed : If you record 24 songs, and some of the songs you play live are off the next record, it’s inevitable people are going to talk about the next album. We’ve got that one over and done with, and it’s on to the next one. I think we’re on a bit of a roll at the moment. Others may disagree.

version 2 CD + DVD

sortie en août 2009
deux versions : une avec 2CD + une collector (les 2CD + 1DVD)

Disc: 1
1. packt like sardines in a crush tin box
2. pyramid song
3. pull/pulk like revolving doors
4. you and whose army?
5. i might be wrong
6. knives out
7. morning bell / amnesiac
8. dollars and cents
9. hunting bears
10. like spinning plates
11. life in a glass house

{{Disc: 2}}
1. The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy
2. Trans-Atlantic Drawl
3. Fast-Track
4. Kinetic
5. Worrywort
6. Fog
7. Cuttooth
8. Life In A Glasshouse (Full Length Version)
9. You And Whose Army? (Live At Canal+ Studios, Paris)
10. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box (Live At Canal+ Studios, Paris)
11. Dollars & Cents (Live At Canal+ Studios, Paris)
12. I Might Be Wrong (Live At Canal+ Studios, Paris)
13. Knives Out (Live At Canal+ Studios, Paris)
14. Pyramid Song (Live At Canal+ Studios, Paris)
15. Like Spinning Plates (Live)

{{Disc: 3}}
1. Pyramid Song [DVD]
2. Knives Out [DVD]
3. I Might Be Wrong [DVD]
4. Push Pulk/Spinning Plates [DVD]
5. Pyramid Song (Live on Top Of The Pops) [DVD]
6. Knives Out (Live on Top Of The Pops) [DVD]
7. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box (Live On Later With Jools Holland – 09/06/01) [DVD]
8. Knives Out (Live On Later With Jools Holland – 09/06/01) [DVD]
9. Life In A Glasshouse (Live On Later With Jools Holland – 09/06/01) [DVD]
10. I Might Be Wrong (Live On Later With Jools Holland – 09/06/01) [DVD]

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– la version classique: (CD)

amnesiac radioheadamnesiac radioheadlivret promo
Ce livret ne contenait pas de Cd mais se présentait comme la version dite limitée, sous forme d’un livre. On y trouvait quelques petites cartes:

le CD promo 1:

le CD promo 2:

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