All For The Best

Version originale : 1987 (Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, Miracle Legion)
Reprise : 2009 (Thom Yorke)


08 septembre 1987

Miracle Legion sort l’album « Surprise Surprise Surprise » avec la chanson « All for the Best ».


En 1997, Time Out citera l’album comme une influence possible pour OK COMPUTER :

Jangly Boston four-piece who emerged in the shadows of REM. Released five albums of lachrymose pop brilliance, but never got the credit they deserved. You can hear a lot of Thom in the tearful, plangent tones of ML singer Mark Mulcahy, especially on the later ‘Me And Mr Ray’ album. ‘They were a huge influence,’ he admits, ‘There’s a song off “Surprise Surprise Surprise” called “All for the Best”, which is just one of the purest things I’ve ever heard – that was my introduction really. For me, the only voice that’s come close to Mark Mulcahy’s is Tim Buckley’s. I was so excited when Mark came to our Boston date. He’s recorded a solo album, but he can’t get a deal for it. Which is a fucking tragedy, because he’s a genius.’
— Time Out, 5 novembre 1997

et Colin confirme, Thom et son frère adoraient ce groupe :

Colin : Do you know a band called Miracle Legion?

Interviewer: « No

Colin: « They’re really good first two albums on Rough Trade, really good. People like that. I didn’t meet him though. Thom and Thom’s brother are really big fans of his, so… Oasis. It’s just courtesy, really, you know’

— Colin Greenwood / Baktabak Interview CD, 13 juin 1997

En 2001, dans Q Thom descend Miracle Legion : oui il a aimé l’album, l’a même écouté frénétiquement, mais bon… ça ne lui plait plus à présent :

Name a really worn-out record in your collection.
There’s an album by a band called Miracle Legion, called Surprise, Surprise, Surprise. They were on Rough Trade. The singer’s a man called Mark Mulcahy, who has an album out now. I bought the Miracle Legion record in London, because we couldn’t get it in Oxford. And me and my brother wore it out. I hadn’t played it in 10 years, but I’ve got a tape of it in my car now, and I’ve been playing it compulsively, because it has a very particular mood that you get sucked into. And now I think, No more, I can’t bear it anymore.
— Thom Yorke / Q #179, août 2001

En août 2006, Thom rend un nouvel hommage à la voix de Mark Mulcahy :

Yorke was also enraptured by the similarly tremulous Mark Mulcahy, vocalist of R.E.M. contemporaries Miracle Legion. Thom: “It was a voice of someone who was only truly happy when he was singing. It changed the way I thought about songs and singing.”
— Thom Yorke / Mojo, août 2006


En 2008, Mark Mulcahy, le chanteur de Miracle Legion perd sa femme Melissa, et doit élever seul ses jumeaux de 2 ans. La nouvelle émeut pas mal de monde dans le showbizz et en 2009, une idée est lancée : enregistrer un album de reprises : Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy . De grands noms s’associent au projet, dont Thom Yorke. Tous les bénéfices seront reversés à la famille.


Le 25 juin 2009, on apprend la tracklist complète, et que la reprise de ‘All for the Best » par Thom Yorke inaugurera l’album :

  1. « All for The Best » (Thom Yorke)
  2. « Ashamed of the Story I Told » (The National)
  3. « Everything’s Coming Undone » (Michael Stipe)
  4. « Loves the Only Thing That Shuts Me Up » (David Berkeley)
  5. « The Backyard » (Dinosaur Jr.)
  6. « Micon the Icon » (Chris Harford & Mr Ray Neal)
  7. « Bill Jocko » (Frank Black)
  8. « Little Man » (Vic Chesnutt)
  9. « Ciao My Shining Star » (Unbelievable Truth)
  10. « I Have Patience » (The Butterflies of Love)
  11. « Cookie Jar » (Chris Collingwood)
  12. « The Quiet One » (Frank Turner)
  13. « In Pursuit of Your Happiness » (Rocket from the Tombs)
  14. « Wake Up Whispering » (Ben Kweller)
  15. « I Woke Up in the Mayflower » (Josh Rouse)
  16. « Paradise » (Autumn Defense)
  17. « Happy Birthday Yesterday » (Hayden)
  18. « We’re Not in Charleston Anymore » (Juliana Hatfield)
  19. « Sailors and Animals » (Mercury Rev)
  20. « She Watches Over Me » (Elvis Perkins)
  21. « A World Away from This One » (Sean Watkins)

Le 15 juillet, la reprise de Thom Yorke est dévoilée.



« All For the Best, » which Yorke covers on the Mulcahy tribute/benefit compilation, Ciao My Shining Star, is hardly a jingle, though. It’s actually more of a tearjerker. « Waking up and the bed was made/ No one looked me in the eye/ The more I try the more I cry/ And it’s all for the best, » he sings. The lyrics may be entirely un-Yorke-like, but he has no trouble striking the song’s lonely sentiment. The original version– recorded by Mulcahy’s band Miracle Legion during the late 80s– was driven by warm and jangling alt-rock guitars. Yorke, however, opts for an arrangement more in line with Arthur Russell’s World of Echo, or the better moments of his solo debut, Eraser. He whittles « All For the Best » down to the skeletal drum-machine and keyboard pulse. Fuzzy guitars explode for a moment and then give way to the distant clatter of a drum set. It’s a trade off; the song forces Yorke to sing simpler words and Yorke strips down the song. In the end, all involved come out looking pretty smart.
— Pitchfork, 10 août 2009

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