6 aout 2002, Salamanque, Palacios de Congressos

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  • [morning bell->] (« song about when you go to a nightclub or something ») The crowd adds flamenco claps to superb effect, so I guess they will record a 3rd version on next album.. 😉
    -[fake plastic trees->]
     : AMAZING VERSION ! No one dares breathe in the « wears me out » part…
     !!!!!! weird drums sounds. RAH !!! « Another Difficult song now » says Thom, then « but you get to see Ed like that… » : Ed is facing Phil, so you can see… his rear. Ed shakes his bum, to huge applause and laughter ! So he does it again. And again. A very, hum, emotional moment for the ladies… =D
    -[in limbo->]
     : difficult ?? They nail it perfectly. « This was written on tour with REM »
    of course
    -$ and cents (slow)
    -[my iron lung->]

     : I love the new kick sound (deeper), but Thom does not do his headless chicken dance, he [just->]
    stares at us ! -EIIRP : great ending At one point, someone threw some red panties or bra onstage I think. Thom was like « ewwww », but Colin discreetly took them for his own use… Encore 1 I must have killed a lot of bad guys in a former life because, for the second time I get to hear :
    – [like spinning plates->]
     : this will forever be known as the Day When They Did LSP Live Perfectly. *was in Heaven*
     : Has got a cool start (Jonny does arpeggios !), and BIG GUITARS in the second part ! Another song about global warming is my guess…
    -[pyramid song->]
     : to avenge the Benicassim disaster… Encore 2
    -A little messy [paranoid android->]
    « We will dedicate this song to Tim, who’s retiring » (one of the sound engineers I think), so for Tim (and us !!) they do a huge treat :
    -[the tourist->]
     !!! _Perfect_ version as well. Cheers Tim !


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