28 mai 2003, Londres, BBC1 Jo Whiley Show

acoustique de Thom, guitare et piano, acompagné par une interview du groupe.

Une review, qui vient d’on ne sait plus où :

[quote ]

Jo asked Thom to describe the new album and Thom didn’t get any further than a « Sparkly and shiney and not in any way political album ». The band are looking forward to play Glastonbury this year. They are still impressed with their 1997 performance, which was a highlight in their carreer. Thom : « It was like Apocalypse Now for us »
Finishing a record is always a nightmare. Making a record like kid a was a nightmare as well. The album you’re most proud of : Thom : ’kid a’. Why did you start making videos again ? Colin : ’We didn’t stop making videos. They just didn’t get shown’. Is there much bitterness in this band ? You seem bitter. Colin : « No, its humour »
Some of the band’s favourite records : Boards of Canada, White Stripes, Black Keys, Athlete, Four Tet, Autechre


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