15 septembre 2009, Roosevelt Hotel (set DJ)

Thom n’était pas du tout prévu, puisque ce sont Ashtar Command/Yum Yum/Paul McCartney DJ Chris Holmes qui étaient annoncés.

Ce sont des tweets qui ont fait état de la présence de Thom qui a joué ce soir là :
[quote ]@djerictm: @brokemogul Thanks for that Thom Yorke tweet. I never would’ve gone out.

@heyhaye: thom yorke djing tonight. goodnight LA…. @jasonisnott what you got?

@thedaylights: Standin here watching thom yorke and Nigel godrich spin stuff like daft punk a few feet away – Nigel agreed to produce our next record..Uh?

@wordwarthree: I guess it’s worth mentioning Thom Yorke was DJ’ing the Roosevelt tonight…I think I like DJ Robot better. (RT that @joshx10)

@paradeoflights: Thom Yorke next time you DJ at the Roosevelt, call us and let us know. It’s been awhile. We miss you.

@RunawayGallery: Thom Yorke DJing at the Roosevelt right now. Not too bad. Not bad at all.

@bruin: so jealous of @nataliereed who is at the roosevelt right now. thom yorke is doing a surprise dj set!

@paultao: Thom Yorke playing @majorlazer during his dj set? Moderately surprised

@nataliereed: @diplo oh my fuck thom yorke is playing major lazer right now!

@adampalermo: thom yorke is at tropicana, wtf?![/quote]

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