15 novembre 1997, Cardiff, International Arena

[quote ]After a short shopping trip ’round Cardiff’s best skate shop [City Surf, Castle Arcade] we decide to queue. It’s amazing the people you meet in the cue and the good laugh you can have talking about Sesame Street, The Teletubbies and Politics. After insulting the fake Radiohead football style shirts and drinking about 1 liter of water we went in. We were searched and told not to run in but the 3 and a half hours of queuing had paid off, we were front centre, 2/3 rows in front of Thom Yorke and his rather mad hairdo.

The first support band were Teenage Fanclub. They were ok, loud but ok. I think their performance was summed up by whoever threw the 10p on stage and hit the cymbals ! In fact I think he did a better job than the drummer ! Another comment from the crowd was « There’s nothing teenage about the drummer » – Poor guy. DJ Shadow didn’t go down to well either, It may have been because he was rubbish and murdered a Portishead song, or the fact the 6000 or so there had paid their £15 to see Thom Yorke, Johnny Greenwood an Co. not some guy with sticky up hair and no talent.

Radiohead finally came on and started with Iron Lung then followed some other favourites, [the bends->], [fake plastic trees->] etc. The started all of 2 bars of [creep->] before Thom went Fuck that and played something else. Shame, it’s one of my favourite songs, but I was too crushed and happy to care ! They dedicated [paranoid android->] to All those at Glastonbury and basically the band did a wonderful few hours of non stop music.

We did try and count the amount of different instruments Johnny G. played but we failed miserably by losing account after about five, the guy is sooo multi talented, He even did the chimes on [no surprises->]. Thom Yorke brought out his new Telecaster claiming to be coping Ed and the drummer was rather more animated than that of Teenage Fanclub, but hey that wasn’t hard ! All in all we had a laugh !!! The night was worth every penny.


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