10 mars 1992, Trowbridge, Psychic Pig

Dans un article de 2007, on peut lire ceci (à savoir, le groupe n’y est pas passé en 1993, on peut donc en déduire que le cachet en question est celui du passage du groupe dans le club en 1992) :

[quote cite=’ / 24 décembre 2007′]Radiohead were paid just £50 to appear at the club in 1993, before they hit the big time.[/quote]

Un blog raconte également ceci :


Radiohead’s debut gig (at least under that name) took place at a venue in Trowbridge called the Psychic Pig in 1991. Says co-manager Mark Johnston:

[quote cite=’ / 30 mars 2011]I was offered this band called ‘Only on a Friday’ for £50. When they turned up they insisted that we billed them as Radiohead, because they had decided to change their name. So I guess, by coincidence we got their first ever gig… They were the politest bunch of young men I have ever met. They washed up their own cups and dishes and helped tidy up the club.[/quote]

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