Weatherhouse (album)

Second disque solo de Phil Selway, batteur de Radiohead. L’enregistrement a début fin janvier 2013, pour une sortie en octobre 2014.


Le titre

Phil a expliqué à Stereogum en octobre que le titre a été trouvé par le graphiste en charge de la pochette, d’après ce qu’il a ressenti à l’écoute de la musique  :

for Weatherhouse, when I started talking to the artist, Ted Dewan, one of the first things he picked up on was “It Will End In Tears.” He really liked that image of the weatherhouse, and he made that junkyard sculpture, which became the cover. It’s not a title that explains the album, but it felt apt because for me it feels as though there is a lot of different emotional weather and a lot of different musical aspects in there. It just felt as though it tied all of those aspects together. It fit very nicely with the artwork as well.
— Phil Selway / Stereogum, Interview avec
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